Summer party in the botanical garden Dresden

Young kids and young animals - wild scarecrow competition

Nature walk to the Eibenreich

Easter breakfast at the LGKS

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Ostern am LGKS  

Easter steeplechase at the estate

02.04.2018, 10-13:00, LGKS

On Easter Monday at 10 o’clock we invite you to a traditional Easter morning celebration (food, drink and live music). This time the Easter Bunny has made up a few riddles and those brave ones who accomplish the steeplechase and find out the clue to a riddle the surprise will not keep waiting. Our ponies are waiting for all the little horses friends for a pony ride.

Ostern am LGKS

A walk in the cherry orchards: The cherry blossom — the beginning of a fruit orchard season

14.04.2018, 10-13:00, LGKS


Why fly to Japan, if there are beautiful cherry blossoms to admire here? We take you on a trip to the orchards, where you will have an opportunity to see rare animal species and get acquainted with almost forgotten traditions.

Ostern am LGKS

Herbal market, adventures and nature

06.05.2018, Lindenhof Ulberndorf


As in the previous years we are glad to arrange for you a small adventure. This time our starting point would be in the national park Saxon Switzerland – Landschaftspflegeverband Osterzgebirge.

Ostern am LGKS

A walk in the orchards: bats and rose beetle – life in the orchards

22.05.2018, 10-13:00, LGKS 


The orchards represent the house and place of habitat for diverse species. Some of them are among protected ones, thus there is one more reason to get acquainted with them to the International biodiversity day.


Long bats night

02.06.2018, 18-21:00, LGKS


Get acquainted with the mysterious bat world. We will provide you with all necessary information about protection of these rare creatures – even without leaving home. Furthermore, there would be interesting tales, candle making and a little excursion.

Ostern am LGKS

Nature walk: forests, hedgerows, orchards – from biotope to the habitat connectivity

23.06.2018, 10-13:00, LGKS


Participate on a hike through shady forests along dense hedgerows and over green orchards and discover how these habitats are connected and contribute to nature conservation.

Overview of coming events 2018


• 14.07.18 Long bats night
• 21.07.18 A walk in the forest: when the night falls – a trip to the forest afterdark


• 12.08.18 Summer party in the Dresden Botanic garden


• 01.09.18 Long bats night
• 23.09.18 Orchard habitats with organic market, Ulberndorf


• Trip: Mosses fascination
• Trip: Yew fascination


• 03.11.18 Family Morning: Tracking the animals
• 16.11.18 National day of lecture


• 01.12.18 Scavenger hunt: Adventures in winter forest - grove and animals in the cold season