Valentino III in winter 2016/2017

Keuring champion Valentino III LGKS at the Equestrian Center castle Wickrath (Photo: Julia Vogel)

Valentino III LGKS at the Stallion keuring for ponies, small horses and special horse breeds in the Equestrian Center castle Wickrath (Photo: Saskia Linzer)

Valentino III in foal age with his mother, elite mare Lalinga

Just like his father Valør Halsnæs, Valentino III shows a lot of expression and movement in all gaits.

Valentino III LGKS - certain and focused on the jump

Premium Stallion Valentino III LGKS v. VEH Valør Halsnæs a. d. VES Lalinga

Valentino III LGKS (Pr.H.)

Premium stallion

Pedigree data

Race: Fjord horse
Born: 21.05.2014
Colour: light brown
Height: 145 sm
Breeder: The Kemper & Schlomski estate
Keuring: 30.10.2016 in Wickrath


The promising young stallion Valentino III LGKS was born and raised on the estate. In October 2016 after the Keuring for ponies, draft horses and special horse breeds in the Equestrian Center castle Wickrath he became the Champion stallion. Due to his outstanding quality, he received the Premium.

The two brothers of the young stallion became in 2011 and 2013 the Champions at the Stallion keuring in Alsfeld, in 2014 his brother Valentino LGKS was awarded in the Stallion performance test.

„Valentino III is in no way outside the results of his brothers. Maybe he is even the one who move to the fore. He has a utmost elastic, expansive pace, [...] and an excellent, easy trot. Valentino III is the bright representative of his breed type in all senses. A very important stallion. „(Comment of the Keuring comission)

„The best Fjord stallion from breed and owned by the estate Kemper and Schlomski, Liebstadt, inspired the numerous audience with Movement quality, sportiness and an impressive overview in every situation which marked the Valentino III from Valør Halsnæs-Dylan, whose brother already achieved a howling success. "(Comment in Rhenish Pedigree records by Registered association of the Keuring)

Valentino III has a high-class pedigree and combines the best qualities of his parents. His father, Premium stallion Association elite stallion Valør Halsnæs became in 2005 recognized  Champion stallion of the Stallion registration in Alsfeld. In 2009 at the National mare show of the German Equestrian Federation in Alsfeld he brought the National champion mare and the Reserve champion mare among young mares as well as the Champion and Reserve Champion mare among the 3-year-old mares. During his breeding career in Germany, Valør Halsnæs has so far brought 6 keured sons and studhorses, 15 registered mares, including 9 premium mares.

A mother, State premium mare, Association elite mare Lalinga, was nominated in 2009 at the National mare show of the German Equestrian Federation in Alsfeld as National champion mare of the 5-year-old mares. Simultaneously, it became Reserve champion mare among the young mares. At the Elite mare show 2010 in Alsfeld-Eifa Lalinga became Fjord Reserve champion mare. It completed its Mare performance test at the stud farm Rollehof in Erbach in 2010 as Reserve champion mare. Its origin hearkens back to the foundation mare Larissa (from the breeder Elisabeth and Reinhold Eitenmüller) which is the ancestor of many winners and elite mares.

Pedigree chart