Due to outstanding evalution of Keuring commission Valerio LGKS received the title of the Premium stallion in all categories two years in sequence.

<img alt="Thanks to an outstanding rating by the licensing board in all categories Valerio LGKS got the title " premium="" stallion"="" data-cke-saved-src="/src/Frontend/Files/Core/CKFinder/images/Fjordpferde/Valerio_Trab_Koerung_Praemienhengst_Fjordpferd_Deckhengst_Landgut_Kemper_Schlomski_LGKS.jpg" src="/src/Frontend/Files/Core/CKFinder/images/Fjordpferde/Valerio_Trab_Koerung_Praemienhengst_Fjordpferd_Deckhengst_Landgut_Kemper_Schlomski_LGKS.jpg" style="width: 666px; height: 444px;">

Young stallion Valerio LGKS from VEH Valør Halsnæs and mare Pr. St. Lærke Halsnæs

Young stallion Valerio LGKS from VEH Valør Halsnæs and mare Pr. St. Lærke Halsnæs

The Fjord racing champion at the stallion keuring for ponies, small horses and special breeds in the Equestrian Center castle Wickrath 2015

Winner in the category Fjord at the licensing event for small horses and special races in the horse centre Wickrath castle in 2015

Attentive and focused catching a lot of air - Valerio LGKS while jumping

Attentive and concentrated  with a lot of air between horse and barrier  - Valerio LGKS at a jump

Powerful in canter - Valerio LGKS

Powerful in canter - Valerio LGKS

Even at a young age Valerio showed expressiveness and high quality of movement.

Already as young stallion Valerio shows a forceful character and high quality in motion.

A stallion with a promising future - Valerio LGKS

A stallion with a promising future - Valerio LGKS

Valerio LGKS (Pr.H.)

Premium Stallion

Pedigree Data

Race: Fjord horse
Born: 17.05.2013
Colour: Light brown
Stick measure: ca. 145 sm
Breeder: The Kemper and Schlomski estate
Keuring: 31.10.2015 in Wickrath
Performance test: Planned for 2018 in Rollehof/ Erbach


The promising young stallion Valerio LGKS has grown up in the herd group with age-matched stallions. In 2015 at the Stallion keuring for ponies, draft horses and special horse breeds in Equestrian Center castle Wickrath, Valerio LGKS convinced everyone in all senses: he became not only the Fjord racing champion, but got the Premium as well. In 2017 he participated in the National stallion show of the German Equestrian Federation in Berlin and became the Reserve champion of the young stallions.

Valerio has a high-grade pedigree and a superb maternal lineage. His mother, State premium mare Lærke Halsnæs comes from a very successful Danish mare family. According to the breeding records of its Foundation mare Julie Halsnæs, Julie Halsnæs got ten keured stallions and received the rare gold medal in Denmark for its offspring.

His father, Premium stallion, Association elite stallion Valør Halsnæs, became in 2005 recognized  Champion stallion of the Stallion registration in Alsfeld. In 2009 at the National mare show of the German Equestrian Federation in Alsfeld he brought the National champion mare and the Reserve champion mare among young mares as well as the Champion and Reserve Champion mare among the 3-year-old mares. During his breeding career in Germany, Valør Halsnæs has so far brought 6 keured sons and studhorses, 15 registered mares, including 9 premium mares.

Pedigree chart