The LGKS is a family business -  landlady Bärbel Kemper with daughter AnnaKarina, elite mare Lærke Halsnæs and foal Levke 2016.

Winter evening in the country barn near the fjord stallions. Basis for the winter feeding is the high-quality mountain meadow hay from own production.

In winter, the horse groups live in spacious open stables with adjacent pastures.

All horses at the LGKS live in socially acceptable small groups in which they can develop their body and soul optimally.

Palü and Dominique are the oldest horses on the farm and enjoy their retirement together.

Young horses are not worked at the LGKS, but learn from birth to build trust and respect for the people.

In the spring the foals are born at the LGKS. In our young horse groups we also offer breeding places for guest horses.

Close to nature and in the spirit of the time -  horse keeping at the LGKS

The appropriate upbringing and keeping of our horses as well as of guest horses is important for us. In total, our horses have access to approx. 45 ha of grassland and approx. 30 ha of interconnected paddock facilities.Pferdehaltung am LGKS

All horses live in socially acceptable small groups in which they can develop healthy both physically and mentaly. Besides horse grazing all the year long, in winter animals have an access to several spacious open stables and modern paddock facilities.

Every spring brings us new foals. They spend the first months of their lives with their mother mares and other foals of the same generation in the mare herd in the pasture. Then they switch to the breeding groups, divided into stallions and mares. Since the contact with the known playmates is maintained, the separation is usually not so difficult. The amount of years till the beginning of the training remain for our young foals constant. Beside the young horses, broodmares and stallions, as well as the training horses, there is also a senior group at the LGKS, which enjoys its retirement in spacious open stables with their grazing all the year long.

One can find in the meal plan of our horses not only fresh herbage but also good mountain meadow hay from our own production. It contains a balanced mixture of different grasses and herbs and provides the ideal basis for winter feeding. In addition, our horses receive daily high quality mineral briquettes, which provide a valuable supplement, especially during the growth phase and during pregnancy. Meeting nurtuional needs, the meal plan of our horses is enriched with various muesli.