When the time comes, we are happy to take on the professional training of your young horse.

Basis for the winter feeding is the high-quality mountain meadow hay from own production.

Basis for the winter feeding is the high-quality mountain meadow hay from own production.

Our young horses live together with our guest horses in socially acceptable small groups.

Our foals spend their first months with their mother mares in the mare herd in the pasture.

An animal-friendly nursing from the day of birth is the foundation for long, physically and emotionally healthy horse life.

Nursery of young horses

An animal-friendly amtosphere is the foundation for long, healthy physical and mental life of horse. Jungpferde am LGKS. Therefore, the young horses at the LGKS in their first years of life are expected to do one thing above all: just be a horse. In the company of their conspecifics, they can move around freely in the fresh air all year long. After mares and stallions are separated, our growing young horses start live together with our guest horses in small socially acceptable groups. They spend a summer on the extensive herbaceous pastures at the LGKS. There one can browse, run and play according to one’s desire. By dealing with peers and older animals, they develop a healthy social behavior. The latter influence positively on the development of the partnership with the human later.

In winter, our young horses live in bright open stables, which have not only large lodging but also great outdoor areas. The basis for the winter feeding is the high-quality mountain meadow hay of our own production. In addition, our horses receive daily high quality mineral briquettes, which provide a valuable supplement, especially during the growth phase.

We provide our horses with the continual loving care from the professional support from an early age to the horse-rider cooperation with human. Foals and young horses do not work at the LGKS estate, but learn how to build the relationships full of trust and respect with those who raise them. Haltering, tethering, cleaning, leading all these shall be done even during only one visit of farrier for the regular hooves care or veterinarian.


Breeding places for guest horses

Are you looking for a place where your young horse can be raised under ideal conditions? Then at the LGKS you are exactly in the right place. Every year, we offer forJungpferdeaufzucht am LGKS young growing horses of all breeds breeding places at the LGKS.

Die naturnahe Haltung im Herdenverband, gemeinsam mit unseren eigenen Tieren, fördert die langjährige Gesundheit und Lebensfreude ihres vierbeinigen Partners. Die tägliche Kontrolle ihres Pferdes, eine bedarfsgerechte Fütterung und die regelmäßige Pflege der Hufe sind dabei selbstverständlich.

An upbringing of guest horses together with our own animals in the herd near the nature, promotes longevity and zest for life of your four-legged partner. Daily monitoring of your horse, a needs-based feeding and regular care of the hooves go without saying for us.

Individual arrangements are possible on a limited scale. If necessary, we will gladly take over the medical care of your horse in case of illness or injury. Veterinary treatment or transport to the veterinary clinic is always carried out in consultation with the owner (except acute emergencies). You can visit your young horse anytime. If this is not possible for a while, we will inform you about the development of your pet at regular intervals. 

Basic training at the LGKS

On request, we are happy to take over the professional training of your young horse under the rider, when it will be the right time. In the familiar surroundings with the people horse is familiar with, it learns to carry its saddle and rider's weight without stress, to understand action of leg as well as to find balance and contact. The joy of the forward movement and surefootedness are additionally promoted by working in the field. The goal is to get a motivated young riding horse with a good working attitude and healthy back muscles.

If you are interested in a breeding place, we look forward to your call.

The contact person is our horse trainer Marko Vogel. Tel: 0171 3318001