Eye contact with the younger generation - Palü and the Rhineland mares

Attentive care helps to identify any age changes at an early stage and to react accordingly.

Palü and Dominique, our two estate oldies, are enjoying their ages.

The responsible attitude and care of older horses must be meet the special needs of the animals.

Responsibility instead of being put on the shelf - our horses in old age

The appropriate keeping of older horses poses several challenges to the horse owners. Careful control of health condition plays an increasingly important role. It implies such pecularities as addition of the supplementary feeding stuffs or medicines. That alone can turn into Dominique Hinto problem in many pension stable. In addition, daily movement is vital for the preservation of joints and muscles in old age, and must be guaranteed even if the oldie may not be fit for riding. At the same time, the horse accomodation in a mixed herd ist often stressful for older animals. It is not rare to see, that the elderly are even consciously annoyed by cocky young herd members by the understanding that they can no longer properly defend themselves due to diminishing forces or reduced perception ability. There is no such alternative as individual horse keeping, because social contacts are essential for well-being even in old age. Efficient is therefore keeping old horses in a smaller groups of peers with year-round conspecifics and green or roughage ad libitum of highquality in order to prevent food addiction and give each horse an opportunity to take time it needs to eat relaxed and full. Attentive observation and, if necessary, reaction to changes (weight loss, lameness, change of character, etc.) is implied as well.


Dominique and Palü are our estate oldies

After many years hand in hand with its human, despite the best care comes the time in which the performance decreases and the first signs of aging are visible. It was the same with our Rhinelander mare Dominique. Senioren am LGKSAt the first site, still attentive and cheerful, but she could not keep up with the pace of the much younger mares in their herd.

In order to experience daily stress less, she became a companion horse for those horses, which for one or another reason could not stand in the herd temporary. But that also caused restlessness, whenever this one partner z. B. was brought to riding at the arena and Dominique had to stay alone. Fortunately, very soon the perfect solution was found: "Palü", also 20+, should be able to enjoy his retirement after many successful years on the tournament places far away from the hustle and bustle of the sports stable. The friendly dark brown gelding and Dominique moved into a large open stable with adjoining grazing area. It did not take long and the two became inseparable and hopefully would continue for many years.


A place in the sun - your oldie at the LGKS

Our seniors group was launched with Dominique and Palü. Now we are eager to provide other lovable oldies with the chance to have a great time after the active „professional career“. They can move around freely in the fresh air all year long, daily care, individual feeding and regular care of the hooves by the farrier all these go without saying for us. A small herd lives in the open stable, individual boxes, if necessary (e.g. for medical reasons), are available. Our guest horses can be visited at any time. Individual arrangements regarding feeding and care are possible.

If your old chap deserved a place where he/she can enjoy his/her retirement, just call us.

The contact person is our horse trainer Marko Vogel. Tel: 0171 3318001