Sponsorship to protect nature

Your company wants to make a contribution to the protection of nature. We offer exclusive sponsorships for selected nature protection projects at the LGKS.

We develop exclusively for you and together with you your personal sponsorship project in the following areas:

  • Maintanance of outstanding old scattered orchards
  • Creation of new orchard meadows
  • Establishment of new humid biotopes
  • Protection and creation of new habitat structures
  • Development of biotopes and forests as climax association
  • Enhancement of the biotope network

We are pleased to organize an event that promotes your commitment and engagement among your employees. Under the qualified guidance of our experts you will create, plant, maintain, and design your own personal biotope.

An information panel presents that you are a sponsor of a biotope. By using dirt tracks, paths through the forest, and hiking trails you can watch how your biotope develops. Of cause you will get an accompanying photodocumentation.

Contact us. Together we will develop a custom-made project for you in the field of nature protection.

If you want to make an active contribution to reduce and compensate your CO2 emissions, we are also very pleased to be your partner.